July 1, 2022

Wholesaling Real Estate with Corey Geary

Wholesaling Real Estate with Corey Geary

In this episode of Cash Flow Pro, we talk with Corey Geary from New Age Wholesaling / Novation Nation. Having started as a blackjack dealer, Corey has made a name for himself in the real estate world since joining it in 2016. Corey is a self-made...

In this episode of Cash Flow Pro, we talk with Corey Geary from New Age Wholesaling / Novation Nation. Having started as a blackjack dealer, Corey has made a name for himself in the real estate world since joining it in 2016. Corey is a self-made entrepreneur and real estate investor with over one thousand deals under his belt throughout his career. The social media real estate influencer has participated in transactions of $15 million. Today, Eric runs two businesses. He uses New Age Wholesaling to create deals and helps other individuals turn leads into solid deals through Novation Nation.



In this episode, we discuss:

  • The importance of due diligence and checking the ROC
  • The reality of real estate TV
  • Knowing the markets when wholesaling
  • Finding the solution to the gap within that area of real estate through Novation
  • The process and legalities of wholesaling


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Casey Brown  0:07  
Hey there and welcome to today's episode of cash flow Pro, your daily real estate investing podcast and YouTube channel. I am here today with Corey Geary of New Age, wholesaling and Novation nation now, Novation is actually a thing. It is something that people do in regards to buying real estate and just wanted to say that to capture your attention to the very beginning, because you are going to want to hear more about Novation and the strategies that are involved, the legalities that are involved and I'm going to do the best job that I know possible to ask questions, as many questions as possible. Have Cory here to answer and tell us and lead us down the path of what this is, and hopefully somebody that that will perk their ears up and say, Hey, Cory, I want to come join forces with you. I want to join your mastermind. I want to do something towards the end. So I guarantee you're gonna want to listen so Cory, how are you doing today, sir?

Unknown Speaker  1:12  
I'm doing wonderful, Casey, thank you for having me on as to a pleasure, Alana.

Casey Brown  1:16  
Absolutely. We're glad you were again, we were talking pre show, which is my listeners are well aware we do a lot of I want to kind of start here a little bit with yourself. Tell us a little bit about you, where you come from how you got started in real estate in general. And then I would like to kind of reserve the Novation discussion for kind of the guts of this whole thing. But tell us a little bit about yourself.

Unknown Speaker  1:47  
Yeah, well, my name is Corey Geary I live here in Phoenix, Arizona, kind of the Guru capital of the world as far as real estate is concerned. You guys Yeah, the all in guys. I mean, it's just crazy who we got playing here and I got in the real estate at the end of 2016. I was a blackjack dealer in a casino for I mean, what was that 16 years and it was a good job. save up some money you know, because you make a lot of tips and I was literally watching that show one night Flip or Flop I'm sure most of your viewers know the show. Yeah, teracle movies. I feel like they've kind of like revolutionize got everyone to want to be a fixin flipper in the real estate space. But I'm watching that show. Have some money saved up from my night casino job and I'm there my girlfriend the time a girlfriend a time was a part time realtor. And we're watching this show she was Why don't you flip a house so I can list it. And I was like, Oh, this seems easy enough. Take 30 minutes make $80,000 They glorify it totally glorify it. I'm literally on my cloud run and the avid runner and I'm running around the neighborhood the next morning, and I saw one of those bandit signs, fix and flip by price 250. ARV 350 I stop on my morning run. I call that number. I bought that house. It took me six months to flip it and I made $8,000

Casey Brown  3:13  
Ah Whoo. First deal

Unknown Speaker  3:17  
ever did I actually made money on it, which is cool. That was my first you know, kind of taste of real estate. Fast forward a little bit about a second deal from a wholesaler I was going to local RIA starting to network with people I made $20,000 On my second deal. On my third deal though, I bought four houses all at once I got a new contractor in place because the other one me and him didn't see eye to eye on stuff. Well, that new contractor took us to the cleaners. On those four houses, I lost a quarter million dollars, I lost all my 401 K money from the casino, I lost my life savings. I lost my previous flip money and it set me back to zero all I had was my night job then set you back to zero

Casey Brown  3:58  
set you back to less than a

Unknown Speaker  4:03  
very, very painful experience. Because at the beginning of my journey, that contractor just you know, he saw mark on my head and he took me to the cleaners and I didn't want to give up real estate.

Casey Brown  4:15  
And real quick dig into that just your hair how how and like how what happened.

Unknown Speaker  4:22  
So you know, I'm working my night job and he was just sitting I was sitting him checks every single week. And he was send me pictures of the properties. I wasn't doing any follow up with his work. I wasn't going to the properties like I should have been you know, I didn't do my due diligence due diligence on him as a contractor I didn't check the ROC I didn't talk to any previous clients and he was sending us pictures of remodel properties and it was not even our properties and it was complete idiotic mistake of mine to not like follow up with him and make sure he's doing something my money in the mean he just I didn't lose a quarter million from him. But it was you know from all the money I gave him and then he didn't do any of the work, I had to re wholesale the properties back to the wholesaler at a loss because I had put money down on those properties that had all the holding costs. And so at the end of the day, it was somewhere around 240. And some change is what I lost through the whole deal. So it was a very painful experience. And you just, I was naive, and thinking that this was easy, you know, I didn't have a mentor.

Casey Brown  5:24  
And I'll tell you as a real in the real estate sales side of things, so many times it's almost like Home and Garden, or whatever the channel is called fix and flip, you know, the the shows, and all of them from Bob Vila on I mean, I'm not bad mouthing Bob by any stretch, because, you know, he has taught a lot of people a lot of things. But it's it's, it's glorified it and it's not so much that it's glorified. Because it is fun, it's a good job, it's it's enjoyable, you meet a lot of people, you see a lot of things, you get to see a creation actually come to life when you envision replacing showers and kitchens and baths and, and all that stuff. But the problem, this is the main problem that I always run into in the sales world is your what you hit on, it happens in 30 minutes. And where you and I both know that that you call, you get this vision, well, they're out of that color tile until three weeks from now, well, then you get then you have to delay that guy, then you're then your plumber doesn't show up, or then your, your electrician doesn't show up or the you know, there's so many different things. And it's virtually impossible to even remotely. So the time constraint of the show I felt like really gave. That's where the falsehood lied, in my opinion, correct?

Unknown Speaker  6:53  
Yeah, they sell the dream without all the headache that goes along with it. And there is a lot of stuff that goes along with it. And you know, we've overcome that a lot. And we still fix and flip even and, you know, we make great money on fixing and flipping. It's just my, it really changed my perspective. Like I wanted to be that guy on TV, right? I wanted to be this fixin flipper who was making 80 grand per deal. Doing these, you know, three deals a month kind of thing. And, you know, it really set me back and I didn't want to give up and I had no more than

Casey Brown  7:26  
part of that show doesn't show doesn't show the drama of them going through what you went through. Because, you know, at some point, you know, at some point that that had maybe not to the tune of 250 grand, but you know that that had to have happened at some point where they had a deal that went around

Unknown Speaker  7:42  
and happened before they even created the TV show.

Casey Brown  7:45  
Could happen between last episode and next episode. And just don't talk about

Unknown Speaker  7:50  
it. Definitely take some lumps and they don't glorify that part.

Casey Brown  7:54  
That's right, man. I It's like anything else. And it's a job and but anyway, so. So you said you're still doing some fix and flips

Unknown Speaker  8:04  
we are we still doing them. I'm slowing down right now just because of the market uncertainty. But we still do them. We're very good at them now. But that's not the bulk of my business. And how I kind of gotten the bulk of my business is when that happened to me. I didn't want to give up real estate. I was out of money. And but I knew there was these wholesalers getting deals and you're talking about oh, you know, you can wholesale with no money down at it. And so like, I literally went on Google and I typed in how to wholesalers get deals, and Mr. Sean Terry popped up. And so I went down the Sean Terry rabbit hole, I bought his course I joined his mastermind, and I started wholesaling. And we started making a little, I started making a little bit of money from doing some wholesaling in here on the local model, and actually built up, you know, a small little company, we actually put I put a bunch of cubicles in my house, and I hired college kids that come over and cold call for me so I can go out and lock up deals. Yeah, it's what I did for a good, you know, year and a half or so, eventually got into an office and we scaled up to you know, on the local model, probably about 10 deals a month, we were doing okay, I quit the casino back in 2018. So I ended up quitting the casino, going full time real estate. And and then I finally decided, you know, what I want to do is take this and go nationwide with it. And so early 2000 or into 2019 or early 2020. I went nationwide with the whole selling efforts and that's kind of how we transitioned from local to through nationwide.

Casey Brown  9:37  
Now one thing obviously you have to rely on there. There's there's a certain bit of computer algorithms I'm sure you have to rely on when wholesaling in markets that maybe you may or may not be ultra familiar with like for instance if you said your In Phoenix, and if you're wholesaling a property in Chattanooga, Tennessee, or looking to buy a property at a wholesale price in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Chattanooga is beautiful place. But but it almost to me seems like that thing to offset your risk, you really have to buy something like that cheap. I mean, and not only cheap is relative, but I mean, how do you said before we get into the innovation part of this? How do you justify that risk? Or what? What do you use to give you? What do you need to know?

Unknown Speaker  10:37  
It's a good question. Because in the beginning, when we went nationwide, we were horrible. Like, I mean, we out of every five contracts we'd get one would close. And that's because we didn't know the markets. And we were competent wrong. We knew how to comp and Phoenix, right. But that's different than what you said Chattanooga, Tennessee, or say, for example, Ohio. And so like we would we were horrible at not only comping. And then we're also horrible at finding buyers. And it was just very, it was very painful in the beginning. And in fact, in the first three months, when I went nationwide, we lost a lot of money like the first because I had a team now. And I had all this overhead I had my office and we were spending money on marketing we had just turned PPC on. And so like I'm spending all this money in the first, the first month we lost like $70,000 the second month was 50,003rd month was 30,000 I was really thinking oh my god, if I don't really get this under control, I'm gonna have to close the doors. And through trial and error man is how we really learned how to comp deals nationwide, talking to local realtors talking to local investors, figuring out where the sweet spots are, where the places the play, are at and just do trial and error is how we learn how to comp. And then on the buyer side of things, we, you know, learn techniques and how to get these buyers you know, so we use a comping tools like prop stream. There's also in right our car CRM and freedom soft, you know, there's a comping tool in there that you can do nationwide. And then we use now now we rely a lot a lot upon local relatives, as you see amaze for us on the innovation side of things, we'll kind of get to here in a minute. And so buyers was still problematic. And so we ended up getting on board with this company called a best or lift, they're very good at finding buyers, you know, they have a platform with all the buyers uploaded into one platform. And we've learned how to like you know, utilize our Realtors relationships that we just go to Find all the top performing realtors and cold call them and ask them if they have any off market buyers. And so we just develop different strategies and how to exit these deals. Now, that does take me to my next point. I was in a mastermind one time, and this is like back in 2019 20. And there was a guy in the mastermind and he made $2.2 million a year before and he was like half of the money he made was from Novations. And I'm like what the heck is that. And then he talks about how you list this list these deals on the MLS. And I'm like this could be up up a solution to one of my problems because we're having problems finding buyers, we're getting a lot of properties under contract. And a lot of these properties are in decent shape. With PPC, you don't target the stress. So you have a lot of liveable properties. And in these are more rural markets around across the United States. I'm like, Man, if I can list these properties in the MLS, to retail buyers, I can, you know move these deals. And so that's why I really dove in down the Novation path because it just it fixed a big problem in our business.

Casey Brown  13:39  
All right. Well, that was a lot. I know. Let's let's start here. First of all, just because some of if there is listeners out there who aren't aware PPC is pay per click, which is basically you know, it's basically intent marketing. It's somebody that has an intent to say you go to Google and you type in sell my house, okay. You've got the got people there is interest. So their intent is to sell their house right? So intent marketing's PPC. Now let's move into Novation and go ahead, Cory and and define Novation just as you did with me, and then let's stop right after that. And then we'll have a small discussion.

Unknown Speaker  14:39  
Great question. So the term Novation the legal terminology. It means replacement of agreements, replacement of contracts, and so it's widely used in the landlord space people Novated leases, it's used in commercial, but it's not done. It's not widely practiced in the single family space. And so it means that you're getting an A B contract with the seller, the initial agreement sign, and then you're replacing that agreement with the new buyers BC contract that trumps it were in wholesaling, you're staying in the middle via an assignment. So you're signing the rights over to the first contract to the new investor buyer. With Novations, you're not staying in the middle, it trumps the A B contract. And now you've got the new buyer in place. And this is how we're able to sell these on the MLS with conventional FHA and VA financing, because conventional financing would not approve a an assignment fee, were on Novations. Being that we remove ourselves from the deal, that now they approve the loan. And how we get paid is we put a lien on a property, and that lien gets paid off through escrow and that's how we make our money. So it's just a lien pay off like any mechanic's lien, a mortgage is a lien, any tax liens, anything like that a financing will always approve line items that are a lien. And so that's how we stay our show, we keep ourselves in the deal. So it's just been great. You know, because we could sell these properties now on the MLS to traditional retail buyers who have a conventional loan in place. And so not only are we able to sell these properties for more than we would wholesale, but then we got a big buyer pool, because obviously the biggest buyer pool in the world, the MLS, and then we're also able to lock up deals, if we need to hire cents on the dollar. They say their mortgage is 170. But your cash offer was 140. Well, we might be able to still go in there and no bait that deal and still make money so you're able to monetize more leads, you're paying for that lead anyways, why not monetize it in a different way if you're you know, instead of wholesaling. And so that's kind of a 30,000 foot overview of kind of stopped there is a lot.

Casey Brown  16:51  
Yeah. So what is what's this specific lien called? What is the lien call that you put on,

Unknown Speaker  17:00  
so we it's called a Notice we put a notice of interest on the property. And then when we go to close, we do a release of interest on the property. And the release the title companies would call you and say, Hey, how much is gonna cost you to release your notice? And then you're gonna say, Okay, you're going to take the A B contract the BC contract minus what the difference is, and minus any realtor, the realtor fees and title fees come out of your your spread, because you're in negotiation with a seller with a net number to them. So it's just a notice of interest, and you release it with a release of interest.

Casey Brown  17:33  
So alright. Of course, the legalities, I guess are initially the first question that I've got and and with that, is going to come the legalities of like, on a per state basis, it seems to me like, like, a while the process sounds is right. I mean, process wise, I have it all in my head, you have a car, you have AB contract where your B Seller is a VIN you have BC contract you you are still b c is the retail buyer. And due to like anti flipping clauses and stuff like that, for FHA loans and so on, you simply just put a lien on the property for the difference, the seller retains the title, the title, then you become a line item expense in the difference in the sale price and the agreed set purchase price between the buyer, and then you become a line item expense out of there. Now, the only the main one of the first issue now you're not a licensed agent in any state Correct.

Unknown Speaker  18:53  
I am in Arizona, but I would not list my own Novations because it's conflict of interest. And my attorneys have advised not to do it. So you want to get a licensed agent to represent you as the seller because you're acting as seller. Now because you have what's called an attorney, in fact signed and in new want to have a licensed agent represent you. And that's how we get a get away with a lot of the legality issues is that we're not going to list our own deals.

Casey Brown  19:23  
Now, I don't I personally don't necessarily see. I see a bigger issue than that. That I'm sure you have an answer for I'm not I'm not I don't mean to act like I'm an attorney or anything like that. But I've I've sold real estate for quite a while and the bigger the bigger issue at hand is I've seen several lawsuits especially since the market has rose as quick as it has a matter of fact I have a good friend of mine that's in one of these lawsuits where or he was a licensed agent went in, bought a piece of property, he had knowledge of a situation that didn't, that the seller didn't know. Right? and bought a property for about a third of what it was worth, and turned around and did exactly what you're talking about. And seller. And EY, he's in a lawsuit over it. I mean, like seven or $800,000 is what's it is what's a questionnaire now? So the fact that you're a licensed agent, does that not put you in a fiduciary position automatically when you whether you approach me whether you approach somebody else, whether you approach anybody? Does that not put you in a type of fiduciary position to say, Hey, I know this house is right now no use you talked about disclose, disclose, disclose, disclose then disclose more? And I'm assuming that the disclosure takes care of all of that, but that's my question. It seems like is a license when a license status comes into play? It just to me seems like it's an open door.

Unknown Speaker  21:20  
It absolutely 100% is in the fiduciary duties. So I'm licensed in Arizona, so I don't have fiduciary duties in Washington and California. I'm not licensed in any other state and that's where the majority of our Novation deals are done that. Now that being said, I have gotten in a little bit of trouble and Illinois, and I'll tell you a little story in Illinois, you know, they're cracking down on wholesaling. There's a lot of regulations going on there. We had closed the property. And we made $42,000 on it. Two months after the close Department of Real Estate calls me from Illinois. Hey, you, Cory, Gary. Yeah, I'm Cory Gary, and he said his department of real estate of Illinois, you're under investigation for real estate fraud and like real estate fraud. Why? Well did you do list a property with a company called list of freedom and we used to use flat fee listing companies before we started using local realtors? And I was like, yeah, he was a well flat list of freedoms under investigation for fraud. And he had been up there an investigation fraud. We'll we saw your file and started investigating it and we saw you made $42,000 In this property. How can you justify the $43,000 Did you wholesale this property? I said no, I didn't wholesale this property. It was a Novation. They were like, well, that sounds like a wholesale to us. Did you take chain on title was like no, I didn't take chain on title. Listen, that sounds like wholesale to us. Mr. Gary, we are you're under investigation for fraud, this is going to be elevated to the federal government or whatever it was is up, the investigation was going to be pushed up. When we see your license in the state of Arizona, we'll be notifying Department of Real Estate of Arizona. And I said, Okay, hold on. So you're gonna need to talk to my attorney. And I got my attorney involved. They cost me $7,000. My attorney he squashed it. He completely squashed it. It didn't get elevated to the Department of Real Estate here in Arizona didn't go on any kind of federal case. He squashed it and they're gone and but that did lead me to the to the decision of this year I'm letting my license go. Because you are held to a higher standard when you're licensed and if you even though I'm not licensed in Illinois, that kind of came back and had me had some harsh repercussions here in Arizona for me. So it did put a little scare into me. So I now know I'm not going to be licensed no more any dual practicing these Novation deals are all across the United States. So I've had a great it was great. It was really beneficial for me to be licensed for the beginning of my journey I learned a lot a lot about contract law how to walk and talk like a realtor, you know, I got licensed because I wanted to list my own fix and flips but at this point in my journey it all it does is add more liability. I've never used my license anymore, is I don't even know why I really have had it this long. But at this point, it's just a liability. So you do touch on something good there. And I'm going to be letting it go because of that reason If you know another issue comes up I don't want it to come back to me here in Arizona.

Casey Brown  24:11  
Now is there any I just I guess initially I'm into scalable business models that's that's just that's what I practice that's what I teach, preach whatever you want to say. And to me it just is it just seems like there's there's your your your one law being passed just like that in in in Illinois. It's like they're they were like okay, it sounds like wholesaling. It sounds like wholesaling sounds like wholesaling. But it took you $7,000 In an attorney to say no, it's not. But it seems like and not just for liking. The state of Illinois, all they have to do is is add, we're outlawing the practice of wholesaling and Novation. And then that's it. It's done.

Unknown Speaker  25:09  
Absolutely. That's I'll touch on that for a minute. It's one reason why I'm reluctant about teaching the model. Because reason why wholesaling is getting regulated, because there's a lot of bad actors. There's a lot of bad actors who string homeowners along, they cancel them in the 11th hour or the lock in the property up too high. And that's why they can't get a buyer or whatever it may be. And it's just, it's happening all over the United States. And so you have all these states cracking down. Now as Novations gets more and more taut and it becomes more mainstream, the same thing will probably happen, because you'll have a lot of bad actors doing this Novation model the wrong way, you know, not using the correct paperwork, maybe taking, for example, like there's one influencer, who teaches that you take the proceeds from the clothes and you take possession, the proceeds of the sellers proceeds and then give it to the seller. I never want to get a court of law one day saying oh yeah, I collect the sellers proceeds and gave it to the seller. And so we don't do that we change that, that that that model with our innovation strategy, but that's the way one influencer teaches it. And he does it with a power of attorney, we don't do a power of attorney, it has too much liability behind it. So we do do things to reduce our liability. But you know, obviously, if there's a lot of bad actors doing what, you know, somebody people are teaching and doing the wrong thing by the seller, there could be a time of day it could get regulated, just how wholesaling is is happening. It happens with anything that's, you know, where it just becomes so mainstream, and you have so many bad actors doing it. It's hard to mitigate that in the future.

Casey Brown  26:39  
Yeah, and you know, there's a certain degree and I've heard this, I've heard this many times in my real estate career and the real estate wholesaling is, to a certain degree, I think, held by the public as a way of almost defrauding somebody, it seemed it I think that's the way the public holds that position. In that they add that there's not really any and then people justify from the wholesaler side that the wholesaler justifies by saying, Well, I took the risk, well, what risk Did you really take by buying a house for 75%, or whatever, you know, the value, you didn't really take risk, if you bought it for either what it was worth, which if you find out later, it wasn't, but then you back out and what risk can be really taken. And that's, that's, I think, the way the public kind of holds the idea. I think that Congress and and, and especially state, Senate's and so on, so forth, would their time would be far better spent regulating, and putting regulations on social media platforms, far greater than it would be trying to regulate home wholesalers fraud

Unknown Speaker  27:58  
or crypto out there.

Casey Brown  28:02  
But, you know, and I get that profit is how we all you know, feed our kids, don't get me wrong. And it's just what point does, does, you know, it rings or speaks of years ago, you know, especially in the state of Kentucky, if I have $200,000, and this may be a federal law, if I have $200,000 in equity in my house, I call the bank and say, Hey, I'd like to do a HELOC. I'd like to take a home equity line of credit. All right, well, you sign all the documents. And then I think it's federal, it is federal, you have three days to rescind, call the bank and say, Hey, I decided not to do it, shred the documents, no harm, no foul, everything's done right. On the third day that loan funds. And that was put into place because of people going out and convincing elderly or somebody that's not mentally capable of making a decision on mortgage on on taking up an equity line of credit on their house. So I guess what I'm getting at is Is it is it seems like this is something that could eventually have some very strict regulations behind it. Not the government saying hey, you can't do this. This is not a valid anything. But it seems to me like there. It's just it's, it has the tendency to meet a ring that way and say hey, it's headed down the path of being regulated and they're going to stop some of these guys from this now

Unknown Speaker  29:41  
he's got to read into the law for example, you know, in Illinois, we still do we still do deals there. Now my attorney he was just like, hey, when you do a deal here, just double close. So I got a I got a relationship with a nationwide transactional funding guy who will double close any my deals nationwide. I'd pay for one point. So like, I'm taking possession of the property for an hour with his money, and then reselling it to the buyer on the back end, just how any traditional real estate is bought and sold. And so we do that in Illinois. Now as as time comes on, and we see more and more regulations in each state, I know Oklahoma's another one, you know, then we'll we'll start doing that model a little bit more. So there's ways to act in ethics and according to law, and still do the deals.

Casey Brown  30:31  
Well, that's an that's, that's, that's, I guess, my question is it. And you and I both know, I've been involved. I've got a client on the real estate sales side, who everything that's ever been done every deal, I've probably done 100 with them. And every deal is cash deal close whenever they want. Cash to close whenever they want. And that's how he gets things bought. And that's how because it doesn't give the buyer a chance to say no, I'm not interested, I decided I've changed my mind, whatever, whatever, whatever. It basically says, Hey, here's a contract, we'll close it three days, cash money, no appraisals, no banks, no nothing. All right, you check, you'll have your money in a week, or you'll have your money in four days, whatever it is. And that just to me seems like a far, almost a cleaner way to do it. But you cut all your FHA buyers out, when you're when you do that. If especially if you're doing a flip, you automatically cut basically a third to half of your potential buyers out due to the anti now you cut them out for six months, you buy the property holder for six months, you might still make a world of money. I'm just saying that it's the anti flipping clause, it really restricts that potential of doing that. So alright, Cory, we are running out of time here. And with that. And I know that there's gonna be some folks that want to reach out to you and learn more about this. So when we get to that point, please think about how you want these folks listeners to potentially contact you to learn more, talk to you about it, see where they might be able to fit this in with what they're doing, whether they'd be real estate agent, whether they be whatever the case is so But with that, what is these are a couple of questions that we ask every guest that comes on the show. And there's no right or wrong answer. But what is the best book that you have recently read or currently reading?

Unknown Speaker  32:28  
I'll tell you the best book I've ever read because I've read it like five times is Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill, one of the most Yeah, Napoleon Hill wrote, thinking Grow Rich, which is a very it's a great book as far as mindset and getting your plate in the right space. But Outwitting the Devil is more of a modern term of thinking grow rich, and it wasn't released to the public to 2011 his family, Napoleon Hill's family had it and lock locked away to save the transcripts. And but But that book is just phenomenal. And I've read it like five times. Every time I read it, I listen to the audible while I'm reading it, because the devil has his own voice. So it's almost like a movie. It's so good. That's awesome. all time favorite book. Man one more time on the title. Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill, Outwitting the

Casey Brown  33:22  
Devil Yep, Napoleon Hill was a great author and it was just amazing to me. How long some of those some of that stuff he talks about has has lasted and and especially in thinking grow rich. So all right, what is a dream vacation you have taken or hoped to take?

Unknown Speaker  33:41  
Well, dream vacation next one coming up would be going to China for a month my wife is Chinese. So we'd like to go out there to Shanghai, spend time with her family, her immediate family we just got married a year ago and you know, kind of relive the wedding out there with her family. And so that would be kind of a dream vacation that's in the near future. You know, prior I did a nice vacation down to Tulum, Mexico, like six or eight months ago, to loom was a beautiful spot. I was out there for you know, good 10 days. And so it was just we did a lot of scuba diving, a lot of hiking is beautiful. Awesome, awesome.

Casey Brown  34:15  
Good. Tell the listeners how they can reach out and get in touch with you, especially if they want to learn something about Novation. Obviously, we have a website, Novation. But how can they reach out and get directly in touch with you if they have some questions to

Unknown Speaker  34:30  
talk to me directly and I don't have VAs on there, at least not yet. Is my social media and Facebook it's Cory Geary in the Instagram is the quarry Gary, and you could DM me on either one of those platforms and I'm the one who responds and so that would be a great place to talk about if you want to learn more about Novations. More about PPC obviously we have a course we got a mastermind and yeah, I'm on the social media platforms all the time.

Casey Brown  34:55  
Awesome, man. Well, listen, listeners. Please if you don't mind Leave us a four five star review. And also hit the subscribe button. And Cory, we really appreciate you being on here today, and at least leading us down a path of something we hadn't really learned about. So thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker  35:15  
Absolutely, truly honored and blessed to be here, my friend. Thank you.

Casey Brown  35:18  
Yes. All right, everybody have a wonderful rest of the day.

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