The Journey from Special Forces into a Fulfilling Civilian Life with Tommy Stoner

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“8% of the American workforce are veterans” – Department of Labor

In the 165th episode of Cash Flow Pro, we talk with Tommy Stoner of the Special Operators Transition Foundation. The Special Operators Transition Foundation is a non-profit that helps special operation officers (green beret, navy seals, aviation regiment, CIA etc......…). They run a transition program to help them go from their current government or military position to an everyday fulfilling civilian life.

After 29 years in the military, Tommy retired from the army and started working in a Fortune 500 Company in data and analytics. During the pandemic, he stumbled into a friend’s capital investment company and mediated between him and The Special Operators Transition Foundation. This episode is about understanding what is needed to go from high-stress, pressure-induced work life and translating those critical skills into a rewarding career of choice.

In this episode, we discuss the following:

What it means to take care of Veterans
Military pay vs. civilian pay
Transitioning skills into corporate skills
Selling to congress
The special operations community
Purpose and teamwork

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