Leaving the W-2 World to Invest in Real Estate with Ashton and Christopher Levarek

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In this episode of Cash Flow Pro, we talk with Ashton and Christopher Levarek, founders of Valkere Investment Group.

Ashton got out of high school and became a coast guard before joining the military. In 2018 he was looking forward to retirement and focusing on his family but most importantly, he wanted to work for himself and be able to ensure a good life for himself and his loved ones.

Chris went to college and realized he wanted to travel and finished his degree in the South of France. Once back, he joined the military and eventually became a fire fighter. Eventually he got into the IT business, and it was when he realized his 401K was not where he wanted it to be he began to investigate real estate.

Ashton and Chris became real estate partners and began investing on a duplex and grow their investment portfolio. Their goal was to avoid the W-2 lifestyle and ensure long-term wealth.

In this episode, we discuss:

Learning the process and constructing a plan
Commercial loans
Building credibility through re-financing
The process behind leaving the W-2 world
Three ways in which to find the big deals
Broker relationships
Teaming up and partnering to success

Tune in on this episode to find out more!

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