From Olympic Medalist to Real Estate Investor with Hans Struzyna

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“You do not make money when you sell. You make money when you buy!”

In the 163rd episode of Cash Flow Pro, we talk with Hans Struzyna, Real Estate Broker from The Gunderman Group. Hans grew up on the East side of Lake Washington in Seattle. He was always surrounded by family members involved in real estate on the commercial side. His path was slightly different. Before real estate, Hans was training for the Olympics rowing and went to Rio, representing the United States. Hans and his team got 4th place!

While training, Hans was involved in sales and learned a lot about the backend business process for real estate. Today, he will share his knowledge on how and why an Olympic athlete chose real estate to build and grow his wealth!

In this episode, we discuss the following:

There is no better education than experience
Cold calls
The benefits of investing in a market near you
The reality of the real estate market today
Cost segregation and accelerated depreciation  
Credit Unions and dealing with banks for loans

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