Effective Real Estate Strategies for Beginners with Stewart Beal

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In this episode of Cash Flow Pro, we talk with Stewart Beal of Beal Properties. As a teenager, Stewart’s father would bring home some construction and business magazines, providing him with education on real estate at an early age. It was then he realized people were building wealth, and he was eager to start himself. In 2002 he officially began his journey. It was in the 2008 foreclosure crisis hit that he began to buy up to 50+ properties. He used his construction business to help finance. Eventually, his role in real estate developed, but his success was imminent.

Beal Properties is now focused on property management, and they buy 2-3 small deals and real estate syndications on apartments and commercial office buildings.

Today, Stewart is here to dive into strategies he used or is implementing today on investing in real estate effectively and successfully!

In this episode, we discuss the following:

Investing according to your state
What to look for as a passive investor
The need for communication
Understanding the demographics of your investment area
Different real estate investment strategies
Managing discrepancies

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