May 1, 2022

Getting A Hand Up and Making Money Work for You with Dave Seymour

Getting A Hand Up and Making Money Work for You with Dave Seymour

It's the mistakes that create the real value.   People have either achieved success or failure, but both parties have always made mistakes, which is the value of the experience. We use mistakes to pave the path and educate ourselves and others....

It's the mistakes that create the real value.


People have either achieved success or failure, but both parties have always made mistakes, which is the value of the experience. We use mistakes to pave the path and educate ourselves and others. It is what we do after those mistakes that determines our future. 


Our latest guest in Cash Flow Pro, Dave Seymour, understands what it means to make mistakes and learn from them- to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Dave moved to the U.S. in 1986 and started a career as a firefighter and paramedic. Fast forward 16 years, and he did not have more time to give to his job, his family, or himself, work had taken control, and he could not find a way out. Eventually, after asking for a sign, he decided to go to a free real estate seminar near him. 


After seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, Dave has acquired credibility as one of the top distressed asset investors in Massachusetts and even has a TV show "Flipping Boston" under his belt. Today he is the CEO and fund manager at Freedom Venture Investments. 



Freedom Venture Investments is a real estate firm that focuses on finding value in overlooked markets. The firm's goal is to work within markets that demonstrate consistent rent growth, low vacancy, and a growing Real GDP. 


In this episode, we discuss:


  • The importance of asking for help, reading the signs in front of you, and taking action
  • Flipping Boston, the Reality TV Show and the importance of credibility 
  • Understanding the difference between trading time for money and money making money 
  • Freedom Venture Investments – the investing process and future goals 



Allowing yourself to ask for help can change your life. Dave's story is one in millions, so make sure you are next - keep an eye out for life's hand-ups! 


Find your flow, 

Casey Brown


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Casey Brown  0:07  
Hello, and welcome to the cash flow pro podcast where I am here today with Dave Seymour of freedom venture investments. Hey, Dave, how are you today?

Unknown Speaker  0:19  
I'm good brother. I'm good, Casey, thanks for having me on man.

Casey Brown  0:22  
Good. Yes, absolutely. We're excited to learn everything that all of the knowledge that you have crammed in there that you can tell us about where you been, where you are, and where the profits are, and where you're going. So I'll let you start, I want to, I want to hear a little bit about your, you'd like to hear about backstories because that's where people really connect, and we can really figure out hey, I'm like, Dave, that Dave was where I am today, and I want to go to where he is. So tell us a little bit about like, what life was what life was like before? And what brought you to the real estate investing world.

Unknown Speaker  0:56  
And yeah, look, man, some people. First of all, I love I love these opportunities. You know, we talked prior to recording, I said, you know, how much time do you usually go and you're like, 28 to 32 minutes, and then you open the show with, you know, I want you to dump all that knowledge you got and I'm like, Dude, you don't have enough time. Let's write mistakes. It's the mistakes that create the real value. And it's true. I had a mentor say to me one time he asked me straight up and he said to me, David, what's more valuable learning from somebody else's success? Or learning from somebody else's failure? You know, and I think we tend to go immediately to the bright and shiny success, no cars, boats and leather coats and Rolls Royces and private jets and that's all a bunch of BS, bro. You know, what's, what's the true journey has been a case of, you know, kinda like limping through the minefield, trying to have enough try to have enough limbs and common sense at the end of it to make a make a decision. So I will be succinct. First of all, I'm not a naturalized born American, I get a little bit of a bizarre accent. I was born in London, England, emigrated to the states in 1986. So I do carry an American passport today, and very proud to do so. I'm proud to be a part of Look, man, the opportunities that are afforded us here in this country are unprecedented anywhere else in a world. Yes, England and London is a you know, a developed country. But my development opportunities if I'd have stayed there would have been slim to none. Reason being. I'm the son of a blue collar worker. I'm not the son of the lord of the manor. We didn't go shooting pheasants on the weekend and have the butler service tea and cucumber sandwiches you know, so

Casey Brown  2:50  
I don't think I want that anyway.

Unknown Speaker  2:54  
Now I want a tomahawk steak with a good rib on it you know I was with that blue collar background you know brought a blue collar mindset and that being once I landed here in America was you know land of the free like I went from London to New York City and I'm like this is awesome somebody delivery bacon and eggs at four o'clock in the morning I love this place you know and but I still had that mindset of the only way to make more money was to trade more time and there's nothing wrong with that we you know, we're built on a working class mentality it's our culture and some people do exceptionally well and are exceptionally content

Unknown Speaker  3:44  
family couple of kids, you know, a car and and you know, a home if you're lucky. Can't afford one today. But you know, you could Yeah, know, I his the fast forward of it was is that I talk about this often, Casey because it is a big part of, of why I am where I am today is the fact that I woke up at 36 years old, with a failing marriage. I had a 16 year career as a firefighter and a paramedic, just north of the city of Boston. I had an eight year old son who when I put him to bed one night, he said I love you, Daddy, I'll see you next weekend. And I wasn't even out of the house. Like I was just always gone working. I was up to about 120 hours a week on secured credit card debt. And financial illiteracy was the underlining current and theme to that. You know, I'm a man I'm a man of faith brother. And I remember I'm screaming and shouting at my guy upstairs and I'm like, you know, I don't lie. I don't cheat. I don't steal I work hard. You know, I try and do what's right. But all of that time away from my family had a price that I ended up paying and that was a disconnect from the people that I loved and I was looking at losing my home I was in a pre foreclosure scenario 2006 The one saving grace in all of this was first of all, Grace came into my life. I asked for help for the first time in my life, I think and I was, you know, I was asking for help upstairs. And it was like this little moment doo doo doo doo doo. So it's like Twilight Zone ish, or, you know, the grace coming down. And I'm asking for help. And there was a commercial on the on the radio, I was in my f150 pickup truck. And it was teach me for closure, a free one and a half hour seminar coming to your neck of the woods. There. You know, I was working construction on my days off from the firehouse. And I knew there was something in that real estate gig other than me working on a posthole digger, you know, in January trying to get down on the frost line, you know what I'm saying? Yep. And I'm like, Okay, God, universe, Buddha, mama, mama Earth,

Casey Brown  5:59  
whoever it is that you already held me. Right.

Unknown Speaker  6:02  
So I went, Okay, I'm listening. And I went to I went to this event, and it was one of those real estate seminars, you know, the, the dog and pony show that circles the nation? Yeah. What happened for me was is I think there's a lot of, you know, there's a lot of themes in life. And for me, it was, you know, when the student is ready, the teacher will arrive, the teacher doesn't necessarily have to be exceptional, you know, just make me a vessel to learn and then implement. And I began to hear things, brother, that didn't make any sense. guy told me that debt was good. I'm like, Nah, nice, nice, bad. I know, I got credit card debt. Right. And I started learning about assets and liabilities. I started learning about capital movement, capital, velocity of capital, I started learning about, you know, forced appreciation, depreciation. Somebody told me that a 401k might not be the very best plan for me. And should I think about a self directed individual retirement account, or a solo 401k? Like you and I know this language that we live in this world. Yeah. But I was, I was a baby brother, I was I was bare ass, ask him for help, you know, and God is good. And the help came, and my now wife, Mary Beth was with me at that event. And it's funny, I looked at her and there was another investment at the end of the class, go figure, right? 20 $27,000 for these advanced classes, and I looked at my wife, Mary Beth. And I said, you know, Sweetie, what do you think? And she said, Well, what do you think I said, Look, I can't keep doing what I've been doing, I'm going to keep getting what I've been getting through. And if I want to be connected, if I want the life that, you know, is, is there to be gained, you know, I got to do something different. And she was my, my first private lender. She said, Go get him Kelly. She said, I'm proud of you, I love you. And I support you, whatever you want to do. That was the day for the first time in my life that somebody had given me permission to go be wealthy to go, you know, meet my or meet my own, you know, potential. We've all got it in us, bro. And that was where it started as a student of real estate. And I did my first deal $5,000 wholesale transaction in single family. And it was right as the market was tanking is funny back then, you know, somebody say, so what do you do? I'd say, Well, I'm a real estate investor. And they go, Oh, I'm sorry. I hope you're like it was a terminal illness. I'm sorry. You know what I mean, it was was the worst of the pandemic back then. And I just, I worked on faith. I worked on faith that if I just repeated what other people were doing, I could do it too. And I did. And, you know, to fast forward that it took me to the point of being recognized as one of the top distressed asset investors in the state of Massachusetts, while I worked alongside Martha Coakley, in the agency's office. Sure, they came away it cost me way too much money to go to the firehouse, I had to retire from the fire department because it cost me too much money to be there. We landed the national TV show flipping Boston. Next thing I know I got cameras, cameras up my rear end and following me and my ex partner around flipping houses and just for anybody who watches those shows. It's called a reality TV show. Sh O W. All right. You don't make 100 grand and a half an hour in this business now, but anyway, we just kept that going and going and you know, it's it's really, it's been an absolute blast and my wife hasn't had to leave the house to go trade her time for money since since we got married. And since we started investing in real estate, share, you know that The true blessing of it all man she's been at home to, to raise my boys. Yep, you know, my 12 year old and my 10 year old and they both bring entrepreneurial spirit because they grab that through osmosis. So, yeah, that's it well, I'm blessed. It's,

Casey Brown  10:15  
it's, there's, there's so many out there that that same kind of story of, of basically your mess becomes your message. And basically that's, that's there's a lot of people out there that can relate to saying, Man, or maybe they're listening and they're like, you know, damn, I'm in the dumps, and I really I just can't figure my way out of this, I can't, I can't figure out and that's what and you know, we've all been extended a hand at some point in our life, and some people are extended a hand of, hey, get your chin up, and some people are extended a hand of, you know, a million dollars. It's all in. And it's all in the value that you place on that and how you can and how you can use that going forward. And that's that's such an interesting story. Like you said, it's not all private jets and Rolls Royces. And yeah,

Unknown Speaker  11:10  
even today, it's not I wouldn't I wouldn't do it, even though it could.

Casey Brown  11:13  
Yeah, it's just it's it's so interesting, you know, and you put your your son to bed when it really wouldn't. When When, when that time. Charting time for money hits you square between the eyes, with your child saying something like that, it really redefines the whale, the way everything you look at is a set, you know, everything changes its course at that point. And I had the same the same Aha, I mean, you know, it wasn't even an Aha, I was in. And similar to your story, I started selling real estate in Oh, seven. And it's like you it's like, yeah, it's like I was terminally ill. And everyone's like, Oh, but I did get a few. If you can sell in this market, or you can make money in this market, you you should be good. That should be all you know, you can you can do anything. And, and so you know, but that story is so, so wonderful, and how, you know, you kind of dug your way out of that. And, and you did finally find the light at the end of the tunnel. And so let's, let's kind of pick up there and let's let's go into the start at at the the TV show and and move us forward and tell us kind of how and then I'd like to get into some of the assets that you liked to look at and how you invest in those. And, and so yeah, so let's go forward from there.

Unknown Speaker  12:35  
So the TV show was really, if you look at any marketing strategy out there, in marketing, we always want to be perceived as the expert, right? Yep. And that gives investors confidence, business partners confidence, bankers, confidence, joint venture relationships, confidence. There are a lot of experts out there that are donkeys, let's just be real. Okay. Just because I, you know, I paid somebody 30 grand to write a book doesn't mean I'm an expert, but I've got a book. So everybody says, I'm an expert. I knew enough because of the education that I'd received in the seminar world, I knew enough to know that the TV show was a gift. And with that gift, and I work for it, don't get me wrong. I mean, you know, I had to I had to really bring my own skill sets to that TV show to make it successful. But you know, that show was a gift in the sense of it gave me credibility. One day, I'm sitting in the firehouse, watching Squawk Box. And eight months later, I'm sitting in studio on Squawk Box with Becky quick jokin and Andrew Sorkin and the vice president of the Chair of the Federal Reserve, she and I'm sitting there and they're asking my opinion on you know, on economic matters, and I'm thinking to myself, Where's the guy with the hook? Like any minute now? Oh, yeah. You know, I, you know, who you are, with money is just accelerated or highlighted as who you are without money. Sure. You know, it's for me, I wanted to be very cognizant of the fact of being off quality being of integrity. Favorite little Santa mine is eg O stands for ease got out. So always want to check my motives or my ego at the door. And, you know, kind of like we talked about prior to recording here. What how can I serve you and the folks who listened to your show? It's not about me. Yeah, it's a cool story. You know, I made some mistakes. I've got the scars to prove it. I can share those those painful experiences so that people don't have to experience themselves if they choose to. But you know, it's really about the people that listen to our shows the investors that invest with us. And I made a conscious decision early on that I was going to take this gift and leverage To the best of my ability, you know, there are days I get up with it, brother and I look at it and I go, man, you could have done better, right, I should have been able to impact more. But, you know, I also have to look at my blessings. So that TV show gave me the credibility opened up doors for me that many people would never have the opportunity to open up. Yeah. thinking, Well, you were talking about, you know, given given a million dollars are being taught out, you know, earn a million dollars, I did a couple of events with Daymond. John there from Shark Tank yet. And we were in the green room one day, and he said, You know, I'm always there to give somebody a hand up. He said, I'm not interested in giving anybody a handout. Right, yeah. And this is a guy who was growing up in, you know, some economic challenges in the Bronx in, you know, in a social environment that was challenging. And yet, you know, he goes from Red Lobster to be in, you know, the president of FUBU yet, so people like that have been able to influence my journey, and give me blessings. And what there was, was, there's, for me, there was a progression from single families, TV show, small multi families, to units, four units, six is twelves. Building a portfolio, knowing what tenants toilets and trash is really all about. Yeah, and having the scars and the pain of that, right. Realizing that property managers make or break the deal. Always knowing construction, because it was in my background from the firehouse. So I was blessed that the GC could never have a bigger ego, or a big a mallet or hammer the me right, like I I know how to have a contract with us without them getting ahead of us. That's right. Yeah, I bought more favors, or more good contractor relationships where the couple of cheese pizzas and a couple of two liter sodas than I did with any, you know, is an extra 50 bucks at the end of the week, right? Yeah. I learn to respect people.

Casey Brown  16:58  
That That right there. That right there are gonna respect people. And it's something that this social media age just doesn't understand. Yeah, they don't understand. They don't understand what it takes respect, just respect. You know, that's the whole thing. And you telling your story. And and immediately whether you have credibility or not, you have immediately gained the respect of somebody that is in that position. Sure. And now they and hey, and maybe that's the hand up that they need. They just need to say, Hey, listen, I'm gonna go find this guy. And I'm gonna learn what he did. Yeah. And just like Daymond, John, I mean, yeah, you talk about a guy that could have been nothing. Yeah, was handed nothing. Yeah, yeah. And was given nothing, except for basically, the idea of which he gave himself to say, Hey, I'm not gonna be like that anymore. I'm not gonna be like, the past, I'm gonna be this,

Unknown Speaker  18:03  
his mom, if you ever get a chance to hear him speak, or if you're blessed to meet the cat. His mom was a single mom, you know, raising, raising a family in the rougher parts of the Bronx. And it was like, she was she was the entrepreneurial guru. I mean, they were sewing clothes in the living room. And then he was flogging the clothes down at the wall on the weekend. And she, you know, she was there to support him. So, you know, what's interesting, though, I think, I think balance and perspective is always good in his conversation as well. Yeah. And I'll give you I'll give you the other side of the equation, right. So, you know, my challenges were mine. And yet my challenges are exactly the same as some of my investors today, who are high net worth individuals. Yep. I'm talking about doctors and lawyers, pediatricians, you know, chiropractors, think of some of those high net worth paying positions. Guess what, bro, they still have to trade more time to make more money, that their risk exposure is so high in medicine, that they're like, I've had investors and doctors and physicians etc. and surgeons and they're like, I can't, I'm out. I can't take it anymore. Like, you know, I just want money to work for me instead of me working for money. So it's not, you know, this theme, if there's a thing we're discussing, it's not for any one specific demographic. It's not for any one specific earner. You know, I think I think for me, it's it's the I use my words carefully, but it's like the curse of the entrepreneur. Right? You know what I'm saying? Like, I quit, I quit 120 hours a week of trading time for money. So I could work 140 hours

Casey Brown  19:51  
a week. That's right, but on my terms, but it's on my time. That's right. That was yesterday. Yesterday. You know what I do? did, I took my laptop, I closed it. I went to school and ate lunch with my daughters.

Unknown Speaker  20:06  
Ah, so good. And

Casey Brown  20:08  
that's, again doesn't I don't aim to turn the focus on myself. But what I'm just getting at is is that, that That's it, man, if you got to work, if you've got to work X number of hours, but you can't stop and do something that you just need to do or want to do or do something to, like you said, Man, those loved ones and pulling those loved ones close and being able to be there when they need you is is all the difference. And then in working for the man,

Unknown Speaker  20:36  
I just had the conversation with a with a another entrepreneur yesterday who were saying exactly the same thing. He's on this, this this zoom call with me. He's a lieutenant in the New York Fire Department and he has a small fund that he raises capital on the side got series six licensed etc. And guy's name's Tim and I was talking with him and he's like, Please, excuse me says my wife messed up her appointments. I got to do daddy daycare today. So as I'm having this call with him, his little two year old sweetie pies watching, you know, Little Mermaid or whatever, over in the corner. And we had that moment and you know, if you're the daddy of a little girl, I got all boys. God bless you, man. And what's what's coming down the pike for you guys, you know what I mean? But it's like, you know, the blessing is and I said to him, I said Tuesday of last week, I put down my laptop went over to my kids Middle School, and watch the skull, the you know, the school orchestra choir presentation. And it was terrible. It was awful. And we all cried our eyes out as parents because I lose. Beautiful, beautiful I couldn't do that the fire department enough to get somebody else to come before me. That's right, leave the job site halfway through a through a build and say I gotta go see my little kid do his magic. So you know, those are the gifts for sure. For sure.

Casey Brown  21:51  
I tell you that, that whole that whole relating to you taking a posthole digger and digging below the frost line. Man, I tell you, there's not very many things in this world that that will make a I got to be careful because I don't want to see my kids. It's this is gender related, but there's not very many things that will make a man out of you. Like quite like using a posthole digger trying to get below the frost line. So let's let's let's try to progress. Let's let's kind of readjust here and go into tell us about freedom venture investments. I'd like to know more about your asset classes, which I'll invest in just basically anything and everything you want to tell us.

Unknown Speaker  22:31  
Yeah, no, definitely. So you know, everything's got a journey. Let's go pre COVID pre COVID. My career has been single family, small portfolios, private lending, hard money lending, semi institutional capital lending. So I've covered all of those bases. So pre COVID, I launched a hard money lending company with a group out of San Diego some guys that wanted to brand it off of the TV show. We put the business together and it was fantastic. I got a great system, a marketing partner, who's scraping leads and the leads are going to our seven loan originators, seven loan originators, cranking out about $50 million of buy, fix and flip one through four unit properties. Everything's beautiful man working off of a $50 million line of credit, weapon loan selling them to New York living large Life is good, good service. Everything's great. I hold it hits March of 2020. The business has, you know, two months of track record. I'm out of business in 48 hours. Yeah, New York says we're not taking your loans anymore. They shut down the the line of credit that we were lending from the business is done. Yeah. That's my mistake. Right? Every mistake has a lesson in it. For me, I step back, I look at the lesson. And the lesson was very simply that I needed to control the capital. Yeah, I reconnected with a friend of mine, one of three partners now in freedom venture investments. gentleman by the name of Walton, oh, Vicki Walters a couple years older than me. X Special Forces comes from the same mindset team is everything. If I'm going to war, I want to go to war with the guy on the left and the right. I want to know my six is covered. That's Walter. Yeah, we know what a real emergency is from Paramedicine and fire department and what he saw is serving our country and the military. And then our third partner Eric Wilson, 27 years old, absolute genius off the charts genius smart as a whip. So that's the core team. And he's like, Well, what do you think they I said, Walter, we've known each other for years, man, what's the next play? He said Let's raise a fund. Let's buy 50 to 150 unit apartment complexes. I've done about a quarter of a billion dollars with the business down here in Cape Coral Fort Myers. You said you raise the money up in New England. Bring it down here we'll buy apartment complexes at seven and eight caps. We'll reposition them or get them up there. It's going to be great. Eric esters are gonna love it. You know what happens next? Right compression the cap rates. So again, that's back right step back and look so what Next. So we're very blessed that freedom venture in the sense of we are truly boutique. I'm not the Titanic, right? Yep. So I can turn when I need to turn, there is one job that I can never ever fail at. And that's been the custodian of my investors capital. Right. So when we first started, we didn't raise a ton of money in that fund. And then the market changed. Yep, we stopped that capital raise reposition. And today, we are primarily focused on single family build for rent communities, ground up construction in the southwest market of Florida. I'm breaking ground in the next couple of weeks on 106 unit apartment complex that we put together in Cape Coral. That was a five and a half million dollar LP raise, we just finished wrapping up the capital stack or close to wrapping up the capital stack on a 17 million construction deal. That'll pencil out at a targeted Forex, for our investors who came in early. As second tier of investors, LPs probably going to pencil out at about a targeted 3.5 3.6. And these, these multiples are so strong, because the game is different than just repositioning and raising rents, right? That's right, we build in the value from the time we put a shovel in the ground. So that projects in play, I've got 42 single families in a built for rent community that we're just finishing the JV agreement on now that's up in Tampa, that's going to be a sweet little deal. I've got another 300 single family homes in various phases of contractual negotiation and or development in Title work. That's also in Cape Coral. And we're building our headquarters in Fort Myers, which is a great, great project 16,000 square foot offices upstairs retail downstairs will be the primary tenant with a third occupancy and 51% ownership. That's a great little deal that's paying my investors 10% on their capital during construction, and they'll exit out at two years at a target of 1.5 1.6 depending on their share position in that deal. So sure, you know, I'm not flipping houses anymore, brother.

Casey Brown  27:20  
Oh, no, no, no.

Unknown Speaker  27:21  
Fate, we found yield. That's exactly the point of this is like, that's where the yield is. And even with cost of construction, and all the challenges we got in the marketplace. In this game, we work with what's called a GMP, gross maximum price contract AIA with our contractors. So that's a fixed number for me, right? Yeah, I got I don't have to worry about that stuff. So yeah, that's where we're at today, man different.

Casey Brown  27:46  
Well, that's great. And you know, and that's what I'm a huge anybody that's listened to my podcast, or anybody that's, that's following along with me for any amount of time. knows, I am I'm, I'm huge proponent of people thinking, figuring out their risk profile. And when you start stepping into the build angle of things, you know, that's, that's definitely for a niche market. And like you said, it's somebody that that that has, you know, $100,000 is a different $100,000 to somebody that's only got 300,000 Yeah, for sure. $100,000 for somebody that's got 10 million. Of course, they're saying they could say, hey, here it is, you hold it for three or four years, whatever your whatever it takes to make that come to fruition. And when you so yeah, man, that's, that's wonderful. And that, that, do you have things,

Unknown Speaker  28:40  
the thing to realize in southwest Florida, Casey, which is I've learned this so I get excited about sharing it. I'm a New England guy, right? Yeah. So up here, we're all stick built with foundations, we got a dig down pour Foundation, block out a foundation built off of that lumber, you know, as structure is so much slower than it is in Florida. So you know, seriously 106 unit apartment complex, five buildings, five slabs, and then they come in and they start throwing block. And it's all what's called CBS cinderblock and stucco construction down there. So the interior finishes look fantastic. But the exterior goes up with so much speed. So that $100,000 investor might be in on a five year or a four year run, but it stabilized in two years. And now it's kicking off flow. So it's up and running and generating cash flow, and then we maximize the rents for that next couple of years. Yeah, so we looked on

Casey Brown  29:39  
yield and do it on a timeline like that. Oh my gosh, that's that seems to be the what everybody wants. I mean, everybody wants to wants big cap rates and they said another way, but if you can find yield and do it on a on a mitigated risk, like you said, you the numbers are fixed. You know that That's the kind of stuff that that that makes money. I mean, that's that's where that's where he's at right now, especially in southwest Florida. I mean, my gosh, you can't get the location I mean you that location. You know what they have the coast several years ago they had the oil spill and I think it right all my lower the Gulf is done and this is never gonna, you know, and man that thing recovered and recovered with some hellacious steam. I mean, it just

Unknown Speaker  30:27  
the other thing is, is COVID Just pour gas on that scenario. left New York, they left nobody they left California, I mean, that the population growth down there has been a 30 to 40% in some secondary and tertiary markets 30 to 40% population growth yet with an under supplied housing stock prior prior to COVID.

Casey Brown  30:52  
Yep. And I tell you, a lot of people don't realize the the agricultural influence that Florida carries, too. I mean, you know, Florida, just in general, when you start everybody thinks it's old people to move to these to these camper type communities. And, and, you know, Florida has more cattle, per se more cattle per acre than Texas or something like that, you know, because they're because their grass is so thick, you know, what's

Unknown Speaker  31:19  
great about the agriculture, the cows, flatten everything out for us.

Casey Brown  31:29  
And everything.

Unknown Speaker  31:30  
rose bushes grow perfectly in that dirt.

Casey Brown  31:34  
Yeah, you know, and then got got orange grow. I mean, that's just real. So, you know, Florida is a very intriguing market. And, and it's funny how, how, how the difference in in, I guess, I don't know, if you want to say leadership or what it is. But you look at California, and it's in a coastal, coastal resolu say, and it just Yeah. And it's they're not they're not tenants, or they're not a landlord friendly in California, and they're relatively landlord friendly. And, and, you know, the ability to, like I said, you know, even if you even if you have folks that move into, we call it like a campground type scenario, not a smaller community house where somebody can retire and leave or warm and they don't have arthritis or whatever. And so, man, that's wonderful. Wonderful, wonderful. Wonderful. So where did it so so what's our goal for 2022? I mean, where are we? Where are we housing

Unknown Speaker  32:27  
units? 1000 units? 1000 units? Right at around? I'm right at around 500 right now.

Casey Brown  32:33  
So you're gonna double? Yeah, do X and by the time this year is over? Yeah, that's what we're shooting for.

Unknown Speaker  32:39  
That's what we mean, that's awesome. Through various phases of development. Yeah. Well, good.

Casey Brown  32:43  
Well, Dave, tell you what, tell the listeners how they can reach out to you, if it's somebody that you want to work with, I'm assuming 506 C,

Unknown Speaker  32:51  
we both thought we have 506 C and B, we run an expansion fund, the fixed income expansion fund for the development side of our business pays a 10% return that's accredited and non accredited. As you know, we're all SEC compliant. We got to fall in love a little bit first, if you're non accredited. Yeah. But you know, we do that through education. And then 506, C reg D on some of our other offerings, so there's always an opportunity to invest with us. But it's got to be a good fit. I'm not just going to take money because I can only take money, if I can meet meet the goals and feel good about the goals of the investor. I'm old school man, you can call us on the phone 781922418 You can go to freedom You can google my handsome name, Dave Seymour, I'll pop up somewhere, I'm sure on all the appropriate websites. And I think he got rid of those.

Casey Brown  33:50  
I would like for the listeners to take one quick second and grab a pin. And then Dave, I want you to repeat that phone number one more time.

Unknown Speaker  33:59  
Sure, man. 78192 to 4418. Man.

Casey Brown  34:07  
Great, Dave. It's been a pleasure. I so appreciate you taking your time out to be on our show today. And freedom venture investments folks. give Dave a call. Let him know that you heard him here. And we man we do appreciate it. And and we love the story. And certainly if there's anything we can ever do for you here at 3000 Capital, we'll be more than happy to accommodate. So Dave, thank you so much, sir. Hope you have a good rest of the day.

Unknown Speaker  34:33  
You too brother be well thank you

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