Multi-Family Podcast

November 14, 2022

How to Become a Multi Family Entrepreneur with Gino Barbaro

“Practice makes progress….”   In this episode of Cash Flow Pro, we talk with Gino Barbaro, co-founder of Jake & Gino, a vertically integrated real estate company that controls over 225M in assets. Gino is an operator, mentor, and...

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October 28, 2022

Surrounding Yourself and Exposing Yourself to the Right People with Sterling White

In this episode of Cash Flow Pro, we talk with Sterling White of Sonder Investment Group. Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, Sterling grew up in harsh living conditions. He was looking for a way to grow his wealth and read Rich Dad, Poor Dad....


October 20, 2022

Understanding VA Loans and How to Use Them for Real Estate Investments with Noel Walton

In this episode of Cash Flow Pro, we talk with Noel Walton, Founder of JCORE Partners. Noel enlisted in the air force at 18 and, after six years, decided to attend college and get his degree. After graduation, he went into the army and eventually...

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October 11, 2022

The Perfect Real Estate Investment for Beginners with Sam Wilson

In the 148th episode of Cash Flow Pro, we talk with Sam Wilson, founder of Bricken Investment Group. He will lead our conversation on how to start investing in real estate as a beginner and what are the best assets to do so!   ...


September 23, 2022

Growing a Vertical Integrated Business with Rob Beardsley

In this episode of Cash Flow Pro, we talk with Rob Beardsley, Founder, and Principal of Lone Star Capital. Rob grew up in a real estate family-focused single family. They owned a residential brokerage firm in Silicon Valley. It was around 2016 that it...

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September 20, 2022

The Aha Moment In Real Estate with David Robinson

Capital. His career started when his dad fired him from his first real job. He messed some things up and realized he did not want to be anyone’s employee. He dropped out of college and got his real estate license. He then spent 18 years on that side...

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September 06, 2022

How To Successfully Grow Your Real Estate Business with Kent Ritter

In this episode of Cash Flow Pro, we talk with Kent Ritter as he shares his entrepreneurial journey. He grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana. He studied finance and economics. Later he spent 12 years as a manager consultant. His job was to help businesses...


August 24, 2022

Multi Family Markets with Michael Becker

In the 114th episode of Cash Flow Pro, we talk to Michael Becker, based in Dallas, Texas, and the Co-principal of the SPI Advisory. He began in the industry as a commercial real estate lender until he eventually got into complex apartment/multifamily...

Multi-Family Real Estate Inflation

August 22, 2022

Closets for Cash Flow with Jim monk

In this episode of Cash Flow Pro, we talk with Jim monk, President of Clozzits. Jim’s background is in financial services. He is also an experience multi-family real estate owner. These two facts combined allowed him to find the gap within the...

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July 27, 2022

Let’s Talk Real Estate Investing In Phoenix with Zach Haptonstall

In the 94th episode of Cash Flow Pro, we talk with Zach Haptonstall, CEO & Co-Founder of Rise48 Equity. Zach was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. His professional background included Healthcare Sales and Administration, live television news...


July 19, 2022

What You Really Want To Know About Real Estate Investments With Iven Vian

In this episode of Cash Flow Pro, we talk with Iven Vian, Co-Founder, and COO of Anthem Capital. Ivan is a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the Air Force after 20 years. His combined experience of 15 years in both single-family and multifamily real...

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July 13, 2022

Deconstructing traditional real estate investing With Lane Kawaoka

In this episode of Cash Flow Pro, we talk with Lane Kawaoka, Founder of Simple Passive Cash Flow. Lane started investing back in 2009. Eventually, he decided to invest in syndications that invest in Class C & B Multi-Family Apartment, RV Parks, mobile...

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July 12, 2022

All Things Self-Storage with Sergio Altomare

In this episode of Cash Flow Pro, we talk with Sergio Altomare, Co-Founder, and CEO of HearthFire Capital. Sergio began working in real estate full-time in 2012 when he partnered with his wife, Corinn. They started by flipping houses and...


July 05, 2022

Tropical Paradise, Real Estate, And Hotel Conversions with Becca Hintergardt

In the 78th episode of Cash Flow Pro, we talk with Becca Hintergardt, multi-family investor and author of Hint Investments. Her goal is to use her 20-year knowledge and experience to help investors have high returns and take advantage of tax benefits....


June 17, 2022

Education and Communication In Real Estate with Sia Senior

In this episode of Cash Flow Pro, we talk with Sia, Senior Principal and Asset Manager at Arrowhead Capital. Sia started as a Mathematics educator at the high school and community college level. She earned her MBA in Economics and Finance and started...