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June 04, 2022

Real Estate Life Lessons with Aaron Zucker

In this episode of Cash Flow Pro, we talk with Aaron Zucker from Zucker Investment Group. He will take us through his journey in owning a bar with four partners and moving around the country, finding his real estate passion to understanding...

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May 27, 2022

Living The American Dream with Maricela Soberanes

In today’s episode of Cash Flow Pro, we talk with Maricela Soberanes, managing principal and founder of Up Plex. Marciela moved from Mexico to the U.S.A at the age of 23. She began to study medicine, learned the language, and gave back to the...

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May 23, 2022

How To Market Your Real Estate Business with Jason Wright

Meet Jason Wright, the founder of Intentionally Inspirational, a digital agency that offers sales and digital marketing strategies to real estate investors focusing on ActiveCampaign and Zapier.      In this episode of Cash Flow...

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May 16, 2022

Why You Should Be Looking into Land Investing with Timothy Krause

In this episode of Cash Flow Pro, we talk with Timothy Krause, founder of Investments Crafted. Tim grew up in a real estate family, helping his parents flip houses. However, after a difficult time during the 2008 crash, he swore to...

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May 11, 2022

The Pursuit of Cash Flow with Christopher Nelson

“The same lens that makes you a great investor of money will also make you a great investor of your time and your talent.”  In this episode of Cash Flow Pro, we talk with Christopher Nelson, Co-Founder of Wealthward Capital. Christopher...

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May 08, 2022

All Things Property Management with Shawn Johnson

Tune into the 24th episode of Cash Flow Pro, where we talk about property management with Shawn Johnson from HomeVault. Shawn went from flying helicopters and potentially going to flight school to flipping his first house and eventually starting...

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May 07, 2022

The Note Buying Business with Scott Carson

In this episode of Cash Flow Pro, we learn about the note buying a business with Scott Carson. Scott is the founder and CEO of We Close Notes, a Texas-based real estate investment company. We Close Notes’ goal is to buy distressed residential and...

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April 25, 2022

Going Off Market and Pursuing Your Own Opportunities with Mike DeHaan

If you have more shots on goal, you're going to have more opportunities!     In the 11th episode of CashFloPro we sit down to talk with Mike Dehaan, a specialist in off market properties and co-host of the Collecting Keys Podcast. Him and...

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April 24, 2022

The second life of real estate: flipping houses with Tommy Christy

Buy, rehab, rent, refinance! In the 10th episode of CashFloPro we get into the nitty-gritty of real estate with distressed asset professional Tommy Christy. As the founder of, he has acquired, renovated, and leased more than 2,700...

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April 22, 2022

The Best Investment Strategies are Rooted in Teamwork with Eric Nelson

Have you ever been part of a team that just didn’t function?   Whether it’s half-hearted members of a group project or partners in an investment, most of us have the experience of putting out fires for others. When money is on the table, the...

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April 21, 2022

Military and Real Estate: Can it Work? with Adrian Chuquillangui

Faith, be it in cause, religion, or even yourself, is one of the most potent tools for realizing your life’s purpose. In the sixth episode of Cash Flow Pro, active duty Coast Guard officer and real estate syndicator Adrian Chuquillangui, founder and...

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April 12, 2022

How The World Looked After Surviving One of The Worst Financial Disasters of All Time with Van Sturgeon

In this episode, I talk with Van Sturgeon. Van has over 30 years of investing experience and personally owns over 1,200 properties across The United States. Throughout his career, he's renovated thousands of homes and commercial properties, written...

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April 05, 2022

Episode 2: Helping Working Professionals Passively Invest in Real Estate with Brian Hemedinger

Fortune favors the bold. The decisive. Yet excessive options can stall even the surest among us.  With so many ways to make your millions, choosing the right way to invest for you can be a considerable challenge! Brain Hemedinger, our latest...

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